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Comment conjuger des besoins d'une place de marché qui utilise des catégories "catalogues" et les rubriques comptable ?

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Implementation Process

Dans un système B2B il y a besoin : - de catégories pour des "catalogues" online - de rubriques comptables spécifiques Besoin également de différencier :? - service - achat - location


Yesterday I was giving a conference about ways of collaborating among different communities "Ecoxarxas" or EcoNetworks in Catalunya. Like Intertrading, but among these particular type of communities. They all work with mutual credit money systems, some also have paper money. I explained the basics of an international money system. I couldn't stay to the workshop where they were taking decisions about how to settle accounts among different networks: particularly if it was going to be allowed to devaluate or appreciate one's currency.